12_knits_logo_v1Without question, our 12 Knits of Christmas is the best it’s ever been. The focus is on gifts that you’ll be ecstatic to give, whether it’s because they’re knit with yarn you’ve never seen before (they are), they all require less than two weeks to complete (they do) or because they’re fresh takes on classic knitted gifts (they will be).

We’ll also be giving away six outrageous prizes to six very lucky knitters.

1.) For each ambitious customer who purchases ALL 12 kits, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $250 gift certificate to Wool & Honey, either in-house or online.


For each kit ordered, you’ll be entered into a separate drawing for one of three (3) $25 gift certificates, two (2) $50 gift certificates and one (1) $100 gift certificate to Wool & Honey, either in-house or online.  (Ordering 3 of the same kit?  That counts as 3 entries!)

Sleeping Bear Yarn ClubSBYC_Logo_Color_500px

Have you ever wondered how the most beautiful place in America would translate into yarn?  What if you could have a little piece of Leelanau delivered your home every month?

We are so excited to introduce the Sleeping Bear Yarn Club, a year-round yarn club created for knitters who love Leelanau and the beauty it represents.

We have partnered with hand-dyers–big and small–to bring you months of exclusive colorways dyed to our specifications, based on some of the loveliest vistas in the Midwest.  We’ve picked out some gorgeous patterns–for socks, shawls and baby sweaters–that will compliment these gorgeous yarns.  We’re throwing in some pretty outrageous free gifts.  On the 15th of the month, we’ll ship your customized package right to your door.  We can’t give it all away yet (that’s part of the fun!), but some of our dyers include Dream in Color, Lorna’s Laces, Claudia Handpainted, Three Irish Girls, String Theory, Fleur de Fiber…and many, many more. Sign up here!



Dream.in.Color.Yarn.Everlasting.Sock.Brilliant-thumbView all the luxurious colors Dream in Color, The Fibre Company, Cascade and Malabrigo bring to fibers like silk, pima cotton, baby alpaca, camel, cashmere, merino, and bamboo. These fine yarns range from lace, fingering, sport, sock, worsted and chunky weights. Including superwash yarns that are perfect for baby and socks. Also, see what unique colors and fibers are available from our local yarn artists!Stripes_Interrupted_1_25465_zoom__94574.1336777438.1280.1280We’ve pairs up some of our favorite patterns and yarns to create one-stop-shop projects. The yarn is wound, ribbon cut and buttons included! Like our Learn to Knit Kit that includes 3 patterns, needles, 2 skeins of Malabrigo, and the How to Knit instructional so you can learn the craft of knitting right out of bag! These kits range from beginner, advanced knitting projects, items for baby, apparel or projects for the home. All that’s left is pick a color!


Needles & Notions

Midlothian_2__36948.1329074299.1280.1280These popular patterns hit the whole spectrum. Shawls and wraps like Stephen Wests Daybreak, Carina Spencers Zuzu, Pampowers Knits Challah Infinity Scarf or Laura Chaus Just Enough Ruffle. For those little ones we love to knit for we have Ysoldas Elijah stuffed animal or Connie Chang Chinchios Wee Austin Hoodie. The simple and always perfect Concetta Cardigan by The Brown Stitch, the funky Stripes Interrupted clutch by Leigh Radford, the precious and Beekeeper Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits and so many more!double pointed needles thumbFind all of your knitting accessories in one location. Starting with your needles, we carry Addi Turbo Circular needles, Clover and Brittany straight or double-pointed needles. Every knitter needs a Knit Kit; an all in one tool that includes a needle gauge, tape measure, scissors, stitch markers and the list goes on! Don’t forget your wool wash. We have Soak in 4 different scents – all perfect to finish and clean that special hand knit item.



lipbalmPick out a gift for that special knitter in your life or just that loved one you want to pamper. View our Signature Bee Soap that has a beautiful shimmer to it or any of our 5 specialty Lip Balms with scents like Apricot Plum or Sea Salt & Caramel. For those that expect a lot of their hands, enjoy a soothing Lotion Bar made with bees wax. Pick up some of the stunning note cards made local artists or some unique stitch markers.Picot_Baby_1__33234.1328724338.1280.1280Interested in a special technique or pattern? Need a two-hour refresher course? We can structure a class around any area of interest. Organize a group of four and we can tailor sessions to suit your schedule. Find it hard to learn in a group setting? Private lessons are always welcome. Check out our Class Schedule as we’ll continue offering classes year round!

What’s in a name?

My name Melissa means ‘honeybee’ in Greek. I’ve always loved my name and have personally identified with all things related to bees and honey. As many of you know, I’ve kept an online journal for years called The Land of Wool and Honey. After using this moniker for some time, I thought to myself, ‘You know, that actually kind of works!’

To us, Wool & Honey symbolizes the Good Life. The Land of Milk and Honey is a depiction of the most divine place on earth, the land of abundance, your happy place, Paradise Found. We believe that heaven on earth is a yarn shop filled with beautiful things that add a bit of shine to daily life.

Bees are amazing creatures. Every day, these little workers gather pollen–powdery bits of fluff–and with a little time and effort, transform it into a gorgeous, golden nectar. How similar we knitters are to the bee! Taking nothing more than two sticks and a string, we create warmth and comfort, fabric to clothe and decorate our bodies.

The hive is the epicentre of it all–it’s home. The bee may travel to distant fields and orchards, but there’s something hardwired inside her brain that always brings her back. Whether Leelanau County is your home or the home of your heart, there is a fiber community waiting here for you.

But why delights? Leelanau means ‘land of delight’ in Ojibwa–it’s our nod to the people who discovered this particular heaven on earth.

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

. . . I’ve traveled a lot and explored many, many knit shops along the way. (Wool & Honey), by far, my favorite. Melissa’s selection of fibers and patterns is exquisite.Cedar, Michigan, is a bit out of the way but well worth the drive.

. . . Melissa is a fabulous teacher and very encouraging to beginners. She has a very nice selection of yarns. I love going to her shop.

. . . I was recently staying near Lake Ann and drove to Cedar specifically to go to (Wool & Honey). What a pleasant surprise! I am surprised that such a small town can support this type of yarn shop . . . What a treat! I love small town shops for just this kind of thing.

. . . the shop itself is small, cozy with a wonderful atmosphere – warm, charming, inviting. The shop speaks oodles about its owner, Melissa who is just as warm, friendly, charming, and delightful as her shop. Melissa has a very nice selection of beautiful yarns, a good selection of classes from which to choose and is always ready and willing to help you with any problem and/or any project.

. . . Fabulous yarn shop! Beautiful and unique yarns from small companies and local spinners and dyers . . . Super friendly shop owner, awesome Saturday morning open knitting group, lots of indie patterns, interesting classes (spinning, plying, finishing techniques) … well worth the drive.

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